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Fit Tips for Your SmileGet Fit tips for your smile
"FACT: A typical 12-ounce can of soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar"

Keeping your smile healthy can be a wise move. Healthy teeth and gums not only make your teeth feel and look better, they are also good for your budget. Some tips to keep your smile healthy:

  • Be mindful of continuous sipping of soda, tea and coffee drinks - drinks that contain sugars combine with acids and bacteria to evolve into harmful dental plaque that can cause tooth decay. Studies show that even no-calorie drinks have flavor additives that are even more aggressive than simple sugars. Constant exposure to tooth surfaces cause more harm than consuming these beverages with meals. Water is the best drink for both your body and your smile!
  • Sticky, sugary foods, such as caramels, or even all-fruit products (raisins and "gummy" foods) can adhere to the chewing surface of teeth and reside on the tooth surface longer than other types of foods normally washed away after eating by fluids. Limit these types of foods, and when they are consumed, be sure to brush and floss soon afterwards.
  • As with continual exposure of sugar and flavor additives with beverages, the same applies to breath mints and hard candy. Tucking a mint in the corner of your mouth repeatedly during the day is bad news for your teeth.
  • Don't bite hard objects or hold things with your teeth - this includes chewing ice or crunching hard candy. These habits can potentially chip the edges your teeth and create small fractures in tooth enamel; after years of this type of habit, patients often require tooth restorations to replace lost tooth structure.
  • Take care of your smile, every day - let us help you develop a strong home care regimen including brushing, flossing and medicated rinses to keep your teeth squeaky clean and your gums healthy.
Our Dental Hygienists can offer you more tips on keeping your Smile Healthy! Contact Us Today to schedule a personal consultation.
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